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Soda-Tech Line Of Products

Liquid Capsule 


We have developed a revolutionary liquid capsule system, including it's matching squeezer which solves the main problems of liquid capsules:


1) Zero taste contamination


2) Very high liquid usage


3) No burst issues when injecting the content


4) Reliable , low cost squeezer with support for automatic capsule type recognition.


sodaONE machine is a home soda dispenser. This cute little product is perfect for home and small office use. 





sodaTWO is sodaONE's big brother. It's designed for higher end home and office usage.

Under The Sink Kit

This kit is the perfect solution for people who like to drink soda , but don't want to fill the kitchen counter with a dedicated dispenser.


This kit can be fitted under the sink and connect the existing water pipeline.


Price is very attractive.

No video available currently. Please contact us for further details.

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