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Our Expertise

Explore our services and find the best solution for your business. Use our knowledge , know-how and skills in order to get things done.
Turn key projects

We believe that a flexible approach to the procurement methodology is key to the success of any project.


At IIBD company we are engaged in most forms of contract style, be it Design and Project Management Consultancy, Main Contract, Design and Build, Managing Contract or any kind of Framework Agreement.

OEM Production

We cover the core disciplines of Industrial Process of plastic , metal production and electronice components to supplement your needs from China.


This core capability is supported by the latest automation thinking, with expert project management , we offer a ‘complete package’ for your project may be provided, or simply one or two particular skills.

Product Design

Taking your dream and bringing it to life.


We can design your product from scratch using latest 3D tools and techniques. 


In the end we will deliver you a detailed design, full BOM and mass production plan.

Marketing In China

China is in the top five growing economies. As such, it should be a target for new products. 


Penetrating a western product to China is not like penetrating into any other country. The Chinese have specific taste in food and design which is sometime different from Western style.


Our goal is to optimize your product to the Chinese taste and like.



Save the needs for all the air traffic and let us do the job.


Our team is highly skilled and got the know how to make sure that your get the quality you expect upon each shipment.


Our others are based on strong mathematical and engineering foundation. The result is 0 defects.

Becoming An Investor

IIBD Lts. is an owner in Soda-Tech, a fresh beverage company which offers wide range of hot, cold and carbonated soda dispenser.


The company is growing with intention to become a major player in the beverage world, and offer OEM solutions for global costumers , delivering the quality which expected from a food grade product.


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